Are You Leaving a Legacy?

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This is the post I put on my blog on Saturday. (You can see it here with comments from Kathryn)  Something to reflect upon.  I will not be posting next weekend, so have a great week and see Tuesday, September 3rd!


How do you want to be remembered?


Women Of The Water, Trout Lake NY
Photo by Kathryn Craft

I live on a beautiful “Adirondack” lake in Northern New York.  I put Adirondack in quotes because we are just 5 miles north of the Adirondack line, you know, all the beauty of the Adirondacks except for the taxes, zoning and mountain views.  We have fun events on the lake, Quadratholons, boat tie-ups, card playing, winter sports, you name it.  Recently, a friend of mine invited me to come to her place and join other ladies, or what we call the W.O.W. club.  (Women Of The Water).  My husband calls it the “hen club”, but what does he know.  We enjoy the company, sharing stories, laughs, and life’s adventures.

A member of our W.O.W. club is Kathryn Craft, a writer and novelist who will be releasing her book The Art of Falling in January.  Kathryn shared with us why she writes and shared of the legacy that she wants to leave.  As we were sitting there talking, I was reflecting, thinking how I will be leaving a legacy.  What do I want people to say about me when I leave this earth?  I think about this every day and being a breast cancer survivor, every day is a gift to me.

You know, as educators and teachers, we influence and touch so many lives.  We mold our students, our children, to be better citizens and to be the best they can be.  In that realm, there is no room for demeaning criticism, “put-downs” or sarcasm to our students.  We have to be the role models for our students and children.  They are our future and they will be taking care of us.  How will they remember you?  Will you get those great notes from former students or not? 

Kathryn is passionate about her book, rightfully so,  Not every day do I get to sit with a novelist and published writer and share life’s great adventures.  Kathryn has touched me and I am grateful to be a part of a relationship, because isn’t that what life is about – relationships?  Kathryn gets it – she will leave a wonderful legacy and this will be through her writing and her relationships.  What will your legacy be?  How do you want to be remembered?  Start thinking about it, and get moving, influencing and touching people.  Life is too short!

  • Please remember to mark on your calendar our Meet and Greet for Sept. 3 from 6:00p.m. to 7:00p.m.
  • Please start enrolling in our Remind 101 class for text to your phone for delays and cancellations.  This will take over for the snow phone tree.  (Please refer to my email regarding this feature.)  How do you join?  It’s simple. To receive messages via text, text @eastsides to (347) 732-3168.  That is it, very simple.  Please start joining.  Thanks.
  • Katie Zahedi writes on my friend, Peter DeWitt’s blog about social and emotional relationships with our children and the state we are in with education policy.
  • The Giselle Institute weighed in three years ago regarding the Common Core State Standards.
  • My friend Tony Sinanis shares his growth score, frustrations and gives 9 points of advice to the New York State Education Department.
  • Please check the East Side Announcement page for updated dates, announcements etc.  Lisa is updating this continually!
  • What are the five things your are grateful for?  Make a list daily.  It does wonders!
  • Be the change agent for kids!  

Other items of interest:

Here’s JustASK Publication’s mentor checklist for 2013-2014. It’s great to use it as it is, but you can ask your mentors to add what they think is missing, too. This video consists of messages from new teacher to mentors.


Common Core image
Survey says: most Americans don’t know much about the Common CoreA recent poll indicates that knowledge about the Common Core is less than pervasive. Don’t forget about this explanation for parents that you can share.


Here are short and sweet suggestions for making rubrics.

Sleep might be more important than studying, according tothis research.


Here we go again… another definition of “college readiness.” This one is from the National Assessment Governing Board – they don’t get it, either.
Resister Image
Here are tips for working with resisters in your school – turning negative energy into positive.

recorded webinar has suggestions for using formative reading assessment to enhance content area learning. This is helpful for content area classes where students are expected to do some of their learning from text. The quality is not great so it might not be suitable for a large group showing, but there is some useful information.

Close readingThis article explains it and provides some ideas about how to do it effectively.
Back to School 

These pins are all about classroom organizationThis site has suggestions, too.Another board has suggestions for library organization.


This video expresses facts and dispels myths about the Common Core State Standards.

JustASK Publication’s Making the Common Core Come Alivenewsletter is about new beginnings – beginnings of a new school year.
This list of free apps for education indicates the age-level appropriateness for each.
This report identifies steps to foster literacy learning in the content areas – in line with the ELA/Literacy Common Core.
Science Video

There’s a YouTube channel for the Next Generation Science Standards. Thirty videos and counting. NGSS made simple!

What about listening in the Common CoreThis paper tells all about it, and points out that metacognition and 21st Century Skills are big part of listening.

These are the steps toward planning good, quality, projects.

Fallon Obama video

Make some of your resolutions about getting you and your students moving. Watch the video! It’s funny!

A Touch of Humor
Close to Home

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