A Shout-out for #NYEDChat

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Well, the internet is down at the house, so I ran into work to get this completed.  Ugh!!  Anyway, here is a quick promo, if you are brave, join us Monday, Nov. 4 at 8:30p.m. on Twitter for our bi-weekly chat using hashtag #NYEDChat. Our topic is Student Engagement.   I’m writing about it for my Rethinking Education blog.  We will also be podcasting live December 16 at 8:30p.m. through Google+ and hangout.  We are calling this “Couragoues Conversations:  Tell Us What You’re Really Thinking” or “Around the Horn, Education Style.”  Either way it should be very entertaining! 

Check out our #NYEDChat wiki page here.  Our moderators are: Tony Sinanis, Carol Varsalona, Blanca Duarte, Bill Brennan, Starr Sackstein, and Vicki Day.  Here we are on a Friday evening, using Google Hangout to plan.  (It’s double screened because of my geekness using two screens!  You can see us in the corner on the left screen, LOL!)  It should be fun – this is the voice of education in New York State! Be a part of it!  Have a great week!  Vic

Media preview

  • Bus Duty for Nov. 4 – Nov 15 Team 5:  Kathy Buell, Kate Spriggs, Megan Weldon Upcoming bus duty Nov 18 – Dec 16 Team 6: Connie Tubbs, Kelly Ayen, Bev Phelps
  • Just a reminder that Monday we have DWIS at 3:00ish held at the West Side School
  • Lisa has placed an email out to teachers regarding report cards.  Please note that Report Cards will be sent home with students on November 15.  
  • I had to change our staff meeting date to Nov. 19th.  Please make sure that you sign-up on MLP before it goes off.  The topic of this meeting will be dedicated to watching and having a discussion about the movie, Including Samuel, and inclusive classrooms.  Kim Hayes will join us.
  • Peter DeWitt speaks out against InBloom and Tracking Student Discipline.
  • Carol Burris writes about the ridiculous Common Core Math Pearson Test for 1st Graders.  
  • Tony Sinanis writes that It Does Take a Village to help our kids.
  • Randi Weingarten asks Will States Fail the Common Core?
  • I will not be creating a post for Nov. 11th  Please make sure you are checking the announcement page daily!
  • Please check the East Side Announcement page for updated dates, announcements etc.  Lisa is updating this continually!  http://gouverneurcentralschool.org/esannounce/
  • What are the five things you are grateful for?  Make a list daily.  It does wonders!
  • Be the change agent for kids!  Be a champion for kids.  Every kid deserves a champion!

Other Items of Interest

When asked about what engages them in school, the responses from hundreds of students fell into these ten categories. These ten things translate into some pretty good advice for the classroom.


Some of the controversies around the Common Core are exploredin a Thomas B. Fordham Institute (which has a very clear stance) forum from earlier this month. Jason Zimba, Tim Shanahan, and others make appearances.
Chapter one (publicly available) of the newer book, Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom, provides a good introduction to Differentiated Instruction. Early in the chapter there is a flowchart-like graphic that is an excellent overview.

Ten virtual field trips for the modern classroom.

This infographic expresses the benefits of music education.


This list of math video tutorials is referenced to the Common Core Learning Standards by grade level.
Compare projects that used to be “dessert” with Project Based Learning in which projects are the main course.

Check out the collection of resources to support research at all levels: elementary, middle and high school. Use the link or rememberresearch.ocmboces.org. You can find all of the resources from the October 25th conference here, too.
The most important school-level factor in student achievement is a guaranteed and viable curriculum (What Works in Schools is in our ASCD Collection). A guaranteed and viable curriculum only happens when teachers who are called on to deliver the curriculum work collaboratively to:
  • Study the intended curriculum and agree on priorities within the curriculum
  • Clarify how the curriculum translates into specific student knowledge and skills
  • Establish pacing guidelines for delivering the curriculum
  • Commit to one another that they will actually teach the curriculum
  • Use common formative assessment
  • Make adjustments to instruction based on the common formative assessment
The CDC has released voluntary guidelines to schools on how to protect students with food allergies. The guidelines include: identification of students with allergies, exposure management plans, teacher training, and limits on certain foods in certain locations and situations.

The power of Twitter:  Not every day that you get a tweet from the US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.  Here I thank him for joining us doing a tweet fest. and he in turn responds.  AWESOME!


A Touch of Humor:

Media preview

Check this out!



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