The Pride of East Side

     I would like to share my reflection about the afternoon event this past Friday at our Staff Development Day with Frank Pastizzo.
I know some folks were not there, but you’ll get the gist of what was shared with us.
     Maybe you felt the same thing – maybe not.  But as the leader of our school, I have to say, there was a sense of pride regarding our school and our work environment.  Frank stated that we have a “work life” and a “personal life” but that the majority of our time is spent in our “work life”.  He asked if we looked forward to coming to work.  He also talked about the attitude we bring to work and that we are the moral compass for our kids.  And, at the end of the day, it is about what is best for our kids.
     I felt that  many of the things that Frank talked about, we do already at East Side.  At East Side, we are not perfect.  We agree to disagree, we state our passions, our beliefs of what we think in a manner to not insult or demean each other.  As a staff, East Side holds no punches and you tell it like it is, without holding grudges.  What we  have to put in the forefront and remember is that what we do needs to be what is best for our kids. is it best for our kids?    We have lots of change happening around us and I have asked you to be open-minded and work together as a team.  It truly is a team atmosphere and we always come together to find solutions to our problems.
      As I was sitting in the front, laughing and tearing up at times, I couldn’t be more proud as your principal to have such a devoted team and think, “Yes, we do that!”  Thank you everyone! Remember, you are more than a score and you are the best of the best.  Enjoy the week.
Other News
  • Bus Duty for Mar 24 – April 4  Team 4:  Jennifer Prevost, Marci Woods, Kathy Buell.  Upcoming bus duty:  April 7 – April 25 Team 5: Gina Caldwell, Kate Spriggs, Megan Weldon
  • The ELA NYSED Tests for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders is April 1, 2, and 3.  All tests will start at 8:30a.m.    We need to start at this time to get extended time in prior to specials.  We need to change the special area schedule.  First Grade will move  into the 5th grade spot, and 5th grade into the 1st grade spot.  Please mark this on your calendar.
  • The pie in the face assembly is Friday, March 28th at 1:55p.m.
Things in the Blogosphere
  • Mike Hynes, Superintendent of Shelter Island CSD on Long Island guest blogs on Peter DeWitt’s blog about Professional Capital.
  • The Buck Institute is using Google Hangout on Air to help with professional development for teachers to implement Project Based Learning in the classroom.  Check  out this post about Managing Projects in Elementary Schools.
  • What are the five things you are grateful for?  Make a list daily.  It does wonders!
  • Be the change agent for kids!  Be a champion for kids.  Every kid deserves a champion!
Other Items of Interest
  • This SED memo describes the impact of the February Board of Regents action on APPR regulations.  
  • The research about starting school later is making schools consider a change to their schedules.   Here are 20 tips for managing projects, including the application of social media.  
  • This series of videos helps to explain the Common Core – from unpacking to application.
  • Even in the midst of a transition to the CCLS these videos can help.    
  • Here are ten quick questions to ask yourself before giving an assessment.  
  • This interactive story about the completion of the new World Trade Center in New York from Time is informative and pretty darn cool – especially the zoomable 360˚ view.  
  • This article describes one school where they eliminated faculty meetings in favor of comprehensive professional development.   Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) is a coordinated approach for schools to create multiple opportunities where students can be physically active and develop skills to last a lifetime. This free webinar will help you get started.
A Touch of Humor
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